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Solving the Accurator problem on Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10F

When you flash your device, almost always you visualise seeing your device running the original firmware. You remember the good old days when your tablet used to run the stock ROM, bug-free and......
'Oh no!' You see something that you hadn't expected. Many a times, it so happens that the 'firmware' for a particular device isn't actually made for that device. Most of the times the firmware is fully functional on the device, but not to perform the functions that the device was designed to perform. One such device is the Lenovo Tab 2 A7-10F. It is a cheap, but an equally respectable multimedia tablet having a 1.3 GHz Quad core MTK 8127 chipset with 1GB of RAM. Here in India, many educational institutions use this tablet as a digital learning aid for students, but at the end of the year, flashing it becomes a big problem.
You simply don't get genuine Android 4.4 Firmware for this device. You do get firmware for the device. No doubts. But flash the firmware an…

How to flash an MTK device using SP Flash Tool

MediaTek. It is a very common term which is being used by Androiders these days. This Taiwan-based company has created ripples with its dirt-cheap processors, which power most low-end Android devices.
With low-end, I don't exactly mean those phones with those slipshod finishes, and screens which crack in a few days. These processors even power the cheaper Lenovo, Sony and Oppo devices, and they are definitely NOT of such kind.
The moment a person like me thinks of these brands, probably he will remember Custom recoveries, ROM's etc. First, you root your device, flash a custom recovery, and then a custom ROM. When you do all this, you run a real chance of bricking your device.
Bricking-sounds rather ghoulish, right? When you brick your device, you lose all your data, including the Android OS itself. So the only solution is to reinstall the OS again, or, technically, flashing the device.
Flashing MediaTek devices is pretty straightforward, if you have the firmware for your devic…